World-renowned pollster and New York Times best-selling author, advises national and business leaders with a deep knowledge of social and economic currents

Stanley Greenberg is a New York Times best-selling author and polling adviser to presidents, prime ministers and CEOs globally and right now, is conducting deep research in multiple countries. He was the senior pollster for President Bill Clinton and Vice President Al Gore, British Prime Minister Tony Blair, and President Nelson Mandela. Greenberg's corporate clients include Boeing, BP, Microsoft, and other global companies.

Greenberg's research and writing on disruptive changes in the US, Britain, Europe, South Africa and Venezuela and in the parties of both left and right is driving the public debate. His book about how America addresses its deepest problems was applauded by Walter Isaacson, author of Steve Jobs, for its "great sense of history as well as deep understanding of the hopes and fears of today's Americans." And his new book, RIP GOP, will be published by St. Martin’s Press in the Spring 2019.


Greenberg’s book, Dispatches from the War Room: In the Trenches with Five Extraordinary Leaders, according to Kirkus Reviews, “lifts the curtain on the global pollster/consultant business.”

Lord John Browne, one of the world’s most successful, respected and socially engaged CEOs and Greenberg, advisor to the world’s most admired leaders and founder of modern polling techniques, for formed a new CEO consultancy. 

Greenberg was inducted into the American Association of Political Consultants' "Hall of Fame." He has been described as "the father of modern polling techniques," "the De Niro of all political consultants," and "an unrivaled international 'guru.'" Esquire Magazine named him one of the most important people of the 21st century. Republican pollster Frank Luntz says, "Stan Greenberg scares the hell out of me. He doesn't just have a finger on the people's pulse; he's got an IV injected into it. He's the best."

He is always on call because his research is relevant, innovative and deep, whether it is exploring the new economy, climate change, the Olympic Movement, new gender roles, political reform, or the hegemonic role of the millennials.

Greenberg always works collaboratively with distinguished Republican pollsters and conducts the bi-partisan polls for NPR, The Los Angeles Times and the Bipartisan Policy Center.

Greenberg and James Carville founded Democracy Corps, the leading organization providing in-depth research and strategic advice to progressive groups, candidates, and leaders. When Karl Rove listed in the Wall Street Journal 10 steps to regain the Republican majority, step one was to create a Democracy Corps of their own. 

His book with Carville—It's the Middle Class, Stupid!—was a New York Times best seller.

Greenberg taught for a decade at Yale University where he received a Guggenheim Fellowship. He was educated at Miami University and Harvard University, where he received his Ph.D. He is married to Rosa DeLauro and they have three children and six wondrous grandchildren